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By the Citov Mill - Bouvier des Flandres kennel

Ambra Welcome to the website of the Bouvier des Flandres kennel By the Citov Mill (Od citovského mlýna). We established this kennel with the aim of breeding our (so far) only dog, Ambra - a Bouvier des Flandres bitch.

Ever since we moved to a house in the countryside we have always kept a dog in our family (except for a one-year break). Our first dog was Drixa, a Briard bitch, who brought us happiness for an incredible 14 and a half years.
After she died there was a period when we didn't have a dog. But we couldn't carry on that way and so at the beginning of 2006 we got Ambra.

It was a decision which we haven't regretted since. Ambra shows all the typical characteristics of a Bouvier (for more detail you can read up, for example, here). She is calm but at the same time active and playful (she can be a real devil at times!). She is cautious towards strangers and she can guard her territory very well.

Being a Bouvier, she loves working, which is something we try to encourage in spite of the fact that we are getting on in years. We regularly visit the dog training grounds in nearby Tovačov where we practise obedience, guarding and tracking. We also do agility which Ambra likes very much.

In our view, every bitch should become a mother at least once during her life. And that is why Ambra also had puppies last year (2009). You will find more information in the Puppies section.