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Dog shows

Even though we are really not chasing titles at dogs shows, we have nevertheless managed to scoop up some awards.

This is a summary of the results which we have achieved at various dog shows which we have attended:

Name and place of show Date Class Result Judge
International Dog Show
Intercanis, Brno
24.-25.06. 2006 Puppy Very promising 1 Řehánek
Special Breed Club Dog Show, Nový Jičín 9.9. 2006 Junior Excellent 2 Gabriela Ridarčíková
Haná National Dog Show, Olomouc 12.-14.01. 2007 Junior Excellent 1, CAJC Václavík
National Dog Show, Ostrava 14.04. 2007 Post graduate Excellent 1, CAC Řehánek
International Dow Show, Litoměřice 19.-20.05. 2007 Post graduate Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB Tibor Havelka
Special Breed Club Show, Nový Jičín 22.09. 2007 Post graduate Excellent 1, CAC, Best bitch of the show Václavík
ČMKU International Dog Show, Brno 9.2. 2008 Open Excellent Andrzej Zamoyski
International Dog Show, Litoměřice 24.-25.5. 2008 Open Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB J. Niciewicz
European Dog Show, Budapest 3.-5.10. 2008 Open Excellent Jaroslav Matyas
International Dog Show, Prague 15.11. 2008 Open Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB Christian Janes
MEOE Club for French Shepherd Dogs
Special Club Show, Székesféhervár
21. 03. 2009 Open CAC, Club Show Winner Elzbieta Chwalibóg
Club Show, Netolice 26. 04. 2009 Open Excellent 2, res. CAC Christian Janes
Club Show, Netolice 17. 04. 2010 Winners Excellent 1, CAC Gabriela Höllbacher
Best bitch of the show Ambra being photographed as the Best of the Show at Nový Jičín 2007
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On 23 August 2008, Ambra passed the Czech basic obedience test, ZOP.

On 22 March 2009, the day following the Special Club Show in Székesféhervár organised by the MEOE Club for French Shepherd Dogs, Ambra passed the Herding Instinct Test.

On 5 November 2011 Ambra passed the tracking test FPr 1.

On 24 November 2012 Ambra passed the test BH.

On 23 March 2013 Ambra passed the tracking test FPr 2.

Ambra during her herding instinct test