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Bouvier puppies

So far we have had one litter of bouvier puppies in our kennel. Ambra gave birth to 8 puppies on 3rd August 2009 - 4 females and 4 males (one male died a few days later though). Below you can read the notes we posted as the puppies were growing up.

Litter A, born on 3rd August 2009

Mother:  Ambra od Větrné elektrárny Father:  Yoshi z Grodu Ksiazat Pomorskich
Ambra Yoshi
You will find more information on Ambra on this website. For more information on Yoshi please visit Yoshi's website.

Latest updates:
5th October
All of our puppies have now found a new home. New owners came today to pick up the remaining three female puppies. All of us will be missing them, especially their mother Ambra. We hope that she will cope with it soon.

3rd October
In the end Arny left us before the remaining three female puppies - his new owner came today all the way from Hungary to pick him up. Four of our seven puppies ended up in Hungary. It is quite far for us to be able to monitor them closely but we hope that all of them will be doing fine there.

We would like to follow the lives of our puppies. We were therefore very happy to have already received photographs showing some of our puppies in their new homes. We have placed the pictures in the photo gallery which we will update regularly (provided that the new owners won't shut us out :-).

28th September
The first three puppies left us yesterday. All of them were headed to Hungary, which is where their father comes from. The first news indicates that they are settling well in their new homes.
The remaining females will also be going to their new homes soon - Adina, Alma and Agatha. Only Arny is still looking for his new owner.
The pack will be therefore reduced to one remaining puppy soon. However, you will find some new photographs in the photo gallery showing all of the seven puppies still together. We have also added a couple more video clips.

14th September

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We have added more photos taken during the last two weeks, and a new video clip. We have also uploaded individual photos of all the puppies to the Photo gallery so that you could choose your favourite one more easily.
When the puppies are running to get their food or just playing around, the room seems to be full of them. They weigh nearly 5kg now.
We will take them to the veterinary clinic today to get their registration numbers tattooed. They will also get their inoculation shots today.

3rd September
The puppies are one month old now. They are still growing very fast. They all weigh over 3kg now, the weight of the heaviest puppy is 3240g. We now supplement Ambra's milk with solid food. They manage to eat soaked granules from their small bowls on their own without a problem and they would even like to dip into Ambra's bowl.

27th August
The puppies can now move really quickly. They spend quite a lot of time playing with each other. We have also started taking them outside to the garden where they explore the new surroundings. You can look at the latest photos and watch new video clips which will find in the sections Photo gallery and Video clips

19th August
The puppies are growing really fast, their weight is now around 1.6kg. They are starting to walk and are getting used to their names. Each has a different colour collar.
Females: red - Adina, yellow - Agatha, purple - Alma, puppy with a tail - Amy.
Males: blue - Arny, black - Atilla, green - Avar.

7th August
One of the puppies (a boy) has unfortunately died...
The remaining puppies are thriving, though. Most of them now weigh around 1kg. (Actual weight is 0.92 - 1.12kg.)

Štěňata při krmení One of the puppies (Atilla)